About Mindless Dreck

Thank you for visiting my little blog. Some of the information on this site may be helpful to you, some of it may just be my ramblings. Either way it’s just a space to unload some of my “Mindless Dreck.”

You may be wondering about the title for this website, “Mindless Dreck.” It originates from Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future. On Season 1 Episode 6, “Blanks,” the character Blank Reg makes the announcement over the air, “This is Blank Reg welcoming you to Big Time television. From sunrise to sunset, filling your empty lives with mindless dreck.” I always liked that comment and thought it an appropriate title for my website.

If you like what you’ve read here, please leave a comment. If you’re just here to spam my comments or try to hack my site, don’t bother. This site is well protected against such things. I do this for a living.

– Chuck Milliken