Buy American

It’s time to buy American. Enough is enough folks. We have no jobs, we have no manufacturing sector to speak of. We send all of our money overseas, to people that hate us. You can’t walk into a store and buy anything without a label saying it was made in China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, India or any number of Asian countries. The only employment opportunities left in this country are in retail or service industries. Our economy is shot and we wonder why.

It’s time to rally behind that familiar theme from the 80’s… Made in the U.S.A.

I know what you’re thinking. “Good luck with that one.” And you’re right, the average consumer doesn’t care where products are made as long as they can buy them cheaply. But this narrow mindedness has cost us dearly over the past two decades.

How many more jobs would there be in this country if people started to care where their products come from? How much more buying power would the consumer have? How much more money would be in our own pockets, instead of flying off the continent? What good does any effort to repair our economy do, if the money doesn’t even stay in the country?

We have two options. Continue down the path of consumerism we’ve been on for ages, ignorant of the origin of our food or clothing or entertainment goods. Or we can take back the control we used to have over such things, take back our own economy, and get this country back to the proud status we once had.

If we stay this course, things will never improve. In fact they’ll just get worse and worse until this country falls to ruin. Who do WE turn to when it all falls apart. We’ve always been the ones to help those with their hands out, but what happens when we’re the ones asking for help? Do you really believe we’ll be rescued? And if we are, do you think our rescuers will show us the same compassion we once showed? I highly doubt it. Our very freedoms are at stake here.

But if we choose to take back our economy, take back our manufacturing, take back our pride, we will prosper once more.

Economics 101: Supply and demand. If we stop buying foreign products, if we demand domestic ones, we’ll be back on our feet in no time flat.

But what do we do in the mean time? There’s a serious shortage of domestic products.

Simple. Check the labels. Do whatever you can to find the product you need from a domestic source. If you exhaust all options, buy from one of our neighboring countries. Canada, Mexico, Central and South American countries. If nothing else, we’ll be stronger by bolstering our neighbors. Think about it. If they have a strong economy, why would they come here? Our illegal immigration problem would solve itself, leaving vacancies here. Our high school kids will be flipping our burgers again, instead of some foreigner who didn’t even bother to come here through legal channels.

Keep our money in THIS hemisphere! BUY AMERICAN!