Ten For Survival – What Do You Know?

Presented by NBC in 1958, “Ten For Survival” was a ten episode series about man and the atomic age. This rarely-seen episode “What Do You Know?”, hosted by Chet Huntley, examined public perception of the survive-ability of nuclear war. Two “average citizens” give opinions concerning various Civil Defense questions, and Huntley cites various surveys of public opinion, that are then rebutted (or affirmed) by an expert named Dr. Dreyer. The vice president of the organization that conducted the survey, Mr. Alberto Castelli, also participates in the program.

Below are the survey questions asked in this episode of “Ten For Survival.” Before watching the video, I’d appreciate you completing the survey so I can compare your answers today to those given in 1958.

  • Additional Questions

    Not required, but helpful for historical completeness
  • What Have You Done?

    Have you done any of the following to prepare yourself for disaster?