Ten For Survival – What Do You Know?

Presented by NBC in 1958, “Ten For Survival” was a ten episode series about man and the atomic age. This rarely-seen episode “What Do You Know?”, hosted by Chet Huntley, examined public perception of the survive-ability of nuclear war. Two “average citizens” give opinions concerning various Civil Defense questions, and Huntley cites various surveys of public opinion, that are then rebutted (or affirmed) by an expert named Dr. Dreyer. The vice president of the organization that conducted the survey, Mr. Alberto Castelli, also participates in the program.

Below are the survey questions asked in this episode of “Ten For Survival.” Before watching the video, I’d appreciate you completing the survey so I can compare your answers today to those given in 1958.

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1. The way things look right now, do you think an attack on the United States is:*
2. If The United States were to be attacked, do you think it would be:*
3. In the event of a nuclear attack on the United States, do you think your area would be affected?*
4. Do you think that we should start learning to protect ourselves from nuclear attack:*
5. If the United States were attacked, do you think:*
6. What would you do if you heard there would be an attack on the United States within 15 minutes:*
7. What would you do if you heard there would be an attack on the United States within 2 hours:*
8. Do you know the civil defense warning signals in your area?*
9. Can you identify the alert signal?
10. Can you identify the attack (take cover) signal?*
11. What do you think should be done so that more people can survive a Nuclear Attack?*
12. Do you think children should be given practice drills for Nuclear Attack in school?*
13. Do you think we should have compulsory civil defense training in this country?*
14. How do you feel about civil defense?*
15. What do you think would cause the most deaths in a Nuclear Attack?*
16. Is there anything people can do to protect themselves from radiation?*

Additional Questions

Not required, but helpful for historical completeness

What Have You Done?

Have you done any of the following to prepare yourself for disaster?
20. Have you stocked a two-weeks supply of food and water?
21. Have you prepared a home shelter?
22. Have you learned the civil defense warning signals?
23. Have you learned about protection from radioactive fallout?
24. Have you learned your community action plan for emergency action?